Meet Jonathan Brincat, but you can call him "Noni." Around the people involved in the catering industry in Malta, that name carries a lot of warmth and stories.

Award-winning and MICHELIN Starred Chef Jonathan Brincat, also known as “Noni”, is the founder and co-owner of the restaurant with the same name. After gaining valuable experience in different roles at the kitchens of five-star luxury and gastronomic establishments, Jonathan worked in several countries including London, Australia Asia

But Jonathan’s heart was always in Malta. Driven by the dream of starting his own place, he set his sights on Valletta, the city that pulses with rich history and charm. He waited for the perfect spot, and when 211 Republic Street became available, Noni and his partners knew it was time to lay down his roots.

The team at Noni restaurant is more like family. His sister, Ritienne, manages the place and has nearly twenty years of experience in managing high-end dining experiences. They work side by side with a close-knit team who share Noni’s passion for getting things just right.

Whether it’s preparing a dish in the kitchen or setting the stage in the dining room, they make sure every detail counts

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